Notice of Closure- December 2021

After almost half a year of paperwork for the acquisition of the company, and months of brainstorming sessions, calls and strategy sessions, we relaunched Cocolatto under new management in February 2020. Our team was small yet passionate, and we believed we could contribute towards helping Filipinos make healthier life choices, beginning with something very core to our culture – food.

Shortly after we launched, the world was hit by a pandemic that would shift the way people lived their lives in the next 2 years. Throughout this time, we struggled to stay afloat. Many partners appreciated our products and supported us as much as they could. And month after month, we would ask ourselves if we could sustain the business. Unfortunately, we have reached this point today… and it is with great sadness that we announce the closing of Cocolatto.

We’ve loved serving our customers and receiving your feedback… we enjoyed the challenge of improving our products and exploring ways to be better. We wish to thank every single person who has purchased a Cocolatto cup – you kept us going, and not just in the business sense. Every purchase was a validation that we had something good going – that perhaps, we were indeed making a difference, no matter how small.

While Cocolatto will not survive beyond December 2021, we will take with us all the kind words, encouragement, support and feedback from you all – and these will be remembered forever.

Thank you again for your love! This is The Cocolatto Company signing off.
18 December 2021