Cocolatto: A Healthy Ice Cream Alternative

Ice cream is not exactly known as a health food, being associated with having high fat and sugar content. But eating ice cream is certainly one of the simple joys of life we cannot completely do without. Fortunately, there are other options particularly for people who have specific lifestyle and health considerations. Cocolatto is one such option.

Why Go for Cocolatto

Cocolatto fits all diets. Whether you are a practicing vegan, diabetic, or your body is unable to tolerate dairy, gluten, lactose, or soy, this ice cream allows you to enjoy without the guilt. The main ingredient is coconut. Coconut sugar is used as a sweetener while coconut cream substitutes for milk. Cocolatto is dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. It does not use any animal product or by-product. Each finished product is carefully handcrafted instead of using machines. Delectable Flavors

I had a chance to taste the Naked Coconut flavor during one of the events I attended recently. Upon checking the Cocolatto website, I found out that there are 3 other flavors available namely Chocolate Cake, Om-My-Kulf, and Macaroon Macarena. This ice cream is available in selected outlets in Metro Manila.

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