Cocolatto Ice Cream: Guiltless Indulgence for All Diets

Trying to live a healthier lifestyle is not always easy. Especially because I like eating sweets. I find that eating fruits and nuts for snacks do help, but sometimes, I just really want to eat some fries…or chocolates…or ice cream. Oh, ice cream!

If there’s one thing I like more than eating ice cream, it’s eating ice cream and not having to gain weight. Ice cream is one of the guilty pleasures I allow myself to experience once in a while. But now, it can be a guiltless indulgence! Thanks to Cocolatto.

Cocolatto Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Cocolatto is a dairy-free alternative for lactose-intolerants and vegans who love ice cream. Each 125ml tub is skillfully hand-crafted and made from scratch using all natural coconut cream and coconut sugar, making it a low-glycemic snack. It’s also gluten-free, soy-free, and plant-based.

Cocolatto best sellers

Chocolate Cake is such a treat. It’s perfect for dark chocolate lovers like me. Oh so heavenly!

Macaroon Macarena is nutty, crunchy, and tasted exactly like coconut macaroons.

Bikini Banana is just the right mix of bananas and cinnamon. A nice way to end a wonderful meal.

I can’t wait to try the other flavors! All 7 Cocolatto flavors are available at these stores:

  • The Blue Kitchen – Makati

  • The Blue Kitchen – Mandaluyong

  • Sprout – Makati

  • Sugarleaf – Makati

  • Corner Tree Cafe – Makati

  • The Third Eye Wellness – BGC

  • The Third Eye Wellness – QC

  • Susi – BGC

  • Blissful Belly – QC

  • Mustafa Mini Mart – Alabang

  • Nenzo Cafe – Bulacan

Grab a tub of Cocolatto from a store near you and experience the guiltless indulgence! Facebook and Instagram: @cocolattoph


Guiltless Indulgence For All Diets

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