Go loco over Cocolatto vegan ice cream!

Honest to goodness food from Healthy Eats Makati can now be enjoyed with Cocolatto vegan ice cream! And to celebrate its welcome to our minimart and cafe offerings, free taste is available-a perfect chance to try our new flavors bikini banana and macho mango! Other flavours include naked coconut, chocolate cake, macaroon macarena, om-my-kulfi (sweet rosy Indian flavour).

This diet-friendly artisanal ice cream is vegan, diabetic-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, plant-based, and soy-free making anyone under the sun guiltlessly indulge in the best ever frozen dessert.

Lovingly crafted and prepared in small batched by young entrepreneurs Dana Bulaon and Sherwin Gope, Cocolatto is a perfect complement to a healthy meal. And because they’re all deliciously healthy, a second cup isn’t as guilty as commercial store-bought ice cream that’s loaded with sugar and fat not to mention artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

Healthy Eats Makati’s Angelo shares “I’ve tried the banana flavour and I’m an instant fan! Can’t wait to try the rest! It was an easy decision to welcome Cocolato as they’re an good example of what we look for in a partner merchant-passionate, creative and dedicated. Their simple but tasteful packaging complements the food we serve.”

Check out www.cocolatto.com for more information. Like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram too. Visuals courtesy of Cocolatto’s website and social media accounts.

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